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Made? Hecho?

Mademotion es un colectivo de artistas y productores culturales a nivel internacional que se dedica a generar nuevos contenidos artísticos en el panorama cultural. Creamos eventos y diseñamos experiencia.

Somos una red de creadores.

Generamos actividades en torno a los procesos de creación artística en diferentes países. A través de eventos, encuentros y talleres creamos y ofrecemos opciones alternativas en el panorama cultural. Nos interesa el intercambio de ideas, experiencias y procesos artísticos entre creadores y participantes.

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Mademotion is an international artists’ collective with the aim of generating new content in the local international cultural space. We create events and experience design. We are an artist network. Through events, workshops and gatherings we like to share our interests developing alternative options to the art and culture market. Our interest is focussed on the exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture between art practitioners.

Our theory is that each artist creates content, aesthetic and personal techniques. With Mademotion we introduce a transmedia platform, where we present events with unexpected results, and learn and evolve with each action.

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Mademotion | 2014